Agri-chemical survey looks for in-depth data on weed control

Following a strong response to a survey last month, agricultural chemical company Nufarm is continuing to seek in-depth data with an updated questionnaire on weed control and herbicides.

The survey is aimed at gathering information on how farmers manage their grasslands, which Nufarm hopes will provide insights on how to maximise grass quality.

Anyone who submitted answers to last months Nufarm Annual Grassland Survey is encouraged to take part again in the updated questionnaire.

The survey can be accessed by clicking here.

Nufarm is hoping to receive 200 responses to the survey.

The questionnaire is also designed to build up knowledge on timing, safety standards, and environmental effects of herbicide application.

Prizes are still on offer for the survey, including: €300 worth of ‘one4all’ vouchers; jackets; and beanie hats.

The survey features 10 questions which are based around farmers’ habits in relation to herbicide application and grassland management.

The questionnaire will look for information on farmers’ current grassland management programmes, what they would use contractors for, and what groups or bodies do they trust for advice on herbicides.

Purchasing habits will also form part of the survey.

The deadline for the close of the survey has been extended to March 15, to allow new respondents, and those who have already supplied information, to update the information.