9 Independent TDs form ‘Regional Group’ in Dáil

Nine TDs in the 33rd Dáil have formed a new technical group called the ‘Regional Group’, which would allow those independents to have speaking time and put questions to the Taoiseach.

The nine TDs involved are: Sean Canney (Galway East); Denis Nughten (Roscommon-Galway); Michael Lowry (Tipperary); Peadar Tóibín (Meath West); Verona Murphy (Wexford); Noel Grealish (Galway West); Peter Fitzpatrick (Louth); Cathal Barry (Kildare South); and Matt Shanahan (Waterford).

Speaking to AgriLand, Canney said that the necessary documentation for registering the group has been submitted to the Clerk of the Dáil.

With nine members, the group will not only have speaking time in the Dáil – which requires a group or party to have five TDs – but will also be allowed to put questions to the Taoiseach of the day, which requires a group or party to have seven seats.

Most importantly though, according the Canney, the formation of the group will allow its members to be selected for the various Dáil and Oireachtas committees.

Canney said that the group’s members will be able to work together on issues on which they share similar views – citing the example of agriculture and the beef sector.

However, unlike a political party, the members will also be able to pursue their own issues outside of the group where there is not a general consensus among them on those issues.

33rd Dáil

Yesterday, Thursday, February 20, the TDs of the 33rd Dáil convened for the first time since General Election 2020.

Many new faces were seen among the 160 TDs elected to represent the 39 constituencies in the Republic of Ireland.

However, many familiar faces will not be in attendance after having lost their seats in the election.

One order of business that took place yesterday was the election of the Ceann Comhairle, with incumbent Seán Ó Fearghaíl being re-elected to the position.