2020 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) opens for applications

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has announced that the application process for the 2020 Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and the Greening Scheme has now opened.

Over the coming days, farmers will receive a BPS information pack in the post – detailing the terms and conditions of the scheme (along with maps and land details).

The closing date for applications this year is Friday, May 15. Farmers and advisors are urged to apply early, rather than waiting until nearer the closing date.

As in previous years, the department says that it will provide a “range of supports for farmers – to ensure that they are in a position to apply for these important payments”. Further details of such supports will be “released shortly”.

Online BPS applications

According to the department, all elements of the Direct Payments Schemes (BPS; Greening; Young Farmers Scheme; National Reserve; Transfer of Entitlements; and the Areas of Natural Constraint Scheme) are now online.

This will actually be the third year in which the BPS application system is fully on-line; this resulted from a change in the relevant EU regulations, which came into effect back in 2018.

This online approach, says the department, means that it can process all applications under these schemes “as efficiently as possible”.

It’s worth noting that, last year,Ā a total of 129,000 farmers applied online for the 2019 BPS in advance of the deadline.

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