For those who are organised and who already have their Christmas shopping done; congratulations. But there will be a few who put the task on the long finger.

Every year you will see people sprinting from one shop to another trying to find the right gifts for family and friends. The look of panic and dread in their eyes is particularly evident in the last few hours before the shops close on Christmas Eve.

But what do you get the farmer in your life? Have no fear; we have compiled the go-to list for the ideal last-minute gifts.

1. Who doesn’t love a good pair of wellies?

A good pair of wellies or boots is an ideal, practical gift for the farmer in your life.

Whether you’re out rounding up livestock, doing a few jobs around the yard or just going to the local mart, the right footwear is essential.

This is an ideal gift if the farmer in your life is always complaining about having a leak in their welly. There’s nothing worse than trying to do a day’s work when your feet are cold and wet.


2. It’s always raining in Ireland

Lets face it; rain is a common occurrence in Ireland. A practical gift is always a good option for farmers – hence the wellies suggestion.

But a good rain jacket, pull-ups or overalls to keep the rain at bay is also a necessity. Extra brownie points are on offer if you get the gear with the right machinery brand emblazoned on it.


3. ‘Shock’ the farmer in your life this Christmas

If you are willing to splash the cash this Christmas, then purchasing an electric fencer could be a viable option. They’re easily available in most co-op stores.

This could also stand to your advantage down the line, so it could be a good investment for yourself as well.

Tired of getting the call to come outside to gather livestock that have broken into the neighbours or the field that was closed for silage? Nobody enjoys trying to fence a gap late in the evenings when you could be sitting beside the fire with a cup of tea.

4. Vouchers; vouchers; vouchers

This is a bit of cop out if you are trying to get a present for someone who literally has everything.

A voucher for their favourite shop, local co-op or a multi-purpose ‘One4all’ gift card are suitable options that could get you out of a spot of bother.

5. Eau de silage

Over the festive season people are sure to go out socialising and meet up with family and friends.

But if you spent the evening forking in silage, it can be hard to get rid of the smell. A bottle of aftershave or perfume can be a welcome gift to find under the Christmas tree in a few days’ time.

It also a cheap and cheerful gift idea; no wonder the sales of multi-pack toiletries skyrocket at this time of year.

6. Smartphone or tablet

This is another slightly expensive option; but, smartphones are common casualties throughout the year.

Farmers are susceptible to breaking the phone’s screen, dropping into a slurry tank or losing it out the field when they are checking livestock.

When they unwrap the present on Christmas Day you can then get them to download the impressive AgriLand app – which is free by the way. Imagine how thankful they will be to have all the latest farming news at their finger tips.

7. A weekend away

It is common knowledge that farmers are very hard-working and passionate about what they do. But it can be good to get away for a while to recharge the batteries.

Breaks away from the farm do not include visits to the National Ploughing Championships or a trip to Croke Park on All-Ireland final days. After the weekend away, they are sure to come back to the farm re-energised.

You are sure to find a good deal online.