4X4 seized by Gardaí in Kildare

A 4X4 was seized by members of An Garda Síochána in Co. Kildare this week due to a number of issues.

The vehicle was stopped on the North Kildare Road by Naas Roads Policing Unit, according to local Gardaí.

Upon being stopped, Gardaí noted that the 4X4 in question had neither insurance nor a Certificate of Road Worthiness (CRW). In addition, the vehicle’s road tax had expired more than two years ago.

Consequently, court proceedings will follow for the owner, according to Gardaí.

Taking to social media today (Thursday, September 24) the An Garda Síochána Twitter page said:

“Naas Roads Policing Unit seized this on the North Kildare Road as it had no insurance or Certificate of Road Worthiness and its tax had expired 778 days ago.

“Proceedings to follow,” the tweet added.

CVRT amid Covid-19

According to the Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Testing (CVRT) department of the Road Safety Authority (RSA), new regulations came into force on April 20 which allow for the extension of test due dates on commercial vehicles for three months in certain circumstances.

“The purpose of these regulations is to cater for commercial vehicle owners who have not been in a position to present their vehicles for a CVR test since March 28 due to Covid-19,” the CVRT says.

If the vehicle CRW expiry date was after March 28, 2020, then the vehicle will be eligible for an extension. If the CRW expiry date was prior to March 28, 2020, then no extension will be applied.

“If the CRW expiry date was prior to March 28, 2020, and you are awaiting a re-test the vehicle must undergo a full test when normal services resume. This is because the condition of the vehicle may have changed since the fail test.”