3,000 bulls en route to Turkey

An Irish exporting company has shipped a consignment of bulls to the Turkish market, which is due to arrive at the country on April 8.

Purcell Brothers, the Waterford-based firm, loaded the Atlantic M on Friday last, March 28, before its departure from Waterford Port.

The consignment of 3,000 continental bulls – weighing in the region of 250-330kg – was loaded after undergoing a quarantine period.

While officials in Turkey have stopped issuing new licences for the importation of live cattle into the country, this shipment relates to an import licence drawn up before the importation of animals came to an end during the backend of last year.

AgriLand understands that no new licenses have been issued to date.

This shipment is welcome news amid challenging times for the beef sector. Live exports play a vital role in the industry and keeping these avenues open most be a top priority.

Exporters have welcomed the news that these shipments and the movement of cattle are deemed as ‘essential’ amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, but noted that the Covid-related restrictions in place have presented some challenges – particularly in relation to travel.

The closure of marts will also provide another challenge.

However, while we await news from the Department of Agriculture on the role that marts can play in relation to cattle trading – under the ‘lockdown’ restrictions – it is hoped that some mechanism will be put in place for selling and buying cattle – both from a farmer and exporter point of view.

[Hours after the publication of this article, the Department of Agriculture announced that livestock marts across the country can reopen – albeit under the restricted use of essential services only.]