3 European bodies to meet for first trilogue on CAP

The first trilogue on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform will take place this afternoon (Tuesday, November 10).

Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans and Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural development Janusz Wojciechowski will represent the commission at discussions.

The trilogue will cover all three proposals – the Strategic Plan Regulation; the Horizontal Regulation; and the Common Market Organisation (CMO) Amending Regulation.

The European Parliament, the council and the commission, will have the opportunity to put forward their positions on the key elements of the three regulations.

They may also agree on the working arrangements and indicative timeline that will apply to the ensuing political trilogues and preparatory technical meetings.

Importance of CAP

The commission states that it considers the CAP to be one of the central policies for the European Green Deal and it is therefore steering the process at the highest level in close coordination with other policy areas.

The commission adds that it is determined to play its full role in the CAP trilogue negotiations, as an “honest broker between the co-legislators”, and as a “driving force” for greater sustainability to deliver on the European Green Deal objectives.

The aim is to agree on a CAP that is fit for purpose and effectively responds to the higher societal expectations in terms of climate action; protection of biodiversity; environmental sustainability; and a fair income for farmers.

The commission presented its proposals for a future CAP in June 2018, introducing a more flexible, performance and results-based approach that takes into account local conditions and needs, while increasing EU level ambitions in terms of sustainability.

Higher environmental and climate ambitions are reflected by items such as a new eco-schemes system.

The commission highlighted the compatibility of its proposals with the European Green Deal in a report published in May 2020. The European Parliament and council agreed on their negotiating.

What is CAP?

Launched in 1962, the EU’s CAP is a partnership between agriculture and society, and between Europe and its farmers.

It aims to:
  • Support farmers and improve agricultural productivity, ensuring a stable supply of affordable food;
  • Safeguard EU farmers to make a reasonable living;
  • Help tackle climate change and the sustainable management of natural resources;
  • Maintain rural areas and landscapes across the EU;
  • Keep the rural economy alive by promoting jobs in farming, agri-foods industries and associated sectors.

The CAP takes action with income support through direct payments; market measures to deal with difficult market situations such as a sudden drop in demand or a fall in prices; and rural development measures.