28 positive Covid-19 cases at Tipperary mushroom plant

28 cases of Covid-19 have been diagnosed among staff at a mushroom plant in Golden, Co. Tipperary, AgriLand understands.

Walsh Mushrooms Golden suspended operations at its plant last Friday, August 14, after one of its workers tested positive for the virus while in self-isolation.

According to independent TD Mattie McGrath, 112 workers at the plant were tested for Covid-19, with about two-thirds of those tests processed as of yesterday evening, Sunday, August 16.

The test results so far have returned 28 positive cases for Covid-19 among staff at the plant, McGrath told AgriLand.

Following the decision to suspend operations on Friday, Walsh Mushrooms Golden said in a statement: “Operations are being suspended after a member of staff was diagnosed with Covid-19 while in self isolation. Subsequent testing of close contacts has resulted in further positive cases.

“As a business, we have stringent measures in place to control Covid-19 since March and we have had no incidence of Covid-19 up to this point,” the statement added.

The firm said that it is working with the Health Service Executive (HSE) and all relevant authorities to assist in contact tracing and testing of all staff.

“We will use the opportunity to deep-clean the plant during the temporary closure. Essential maintenance will continue at the facility,” Walsh Mushrooms Golden added.

“The safety, well-being and protection of our employees, their families and the local community is our number one priority,” the mushroom company concluded.

No sheep kill in Kildare Chilling today

In other Covid-19 related news, Kildare Chilling is unlikely to be taking sheep in the early part of this week, as the company awaits a second batch of test results for Covid-19, AgriLand understands.

Operations at the Co. Kildare plant were originally suspended on August 4, following the discovery of a number of Covid-19 cases there.

It is understood that there will be no sheep kill today, and no quotes are being offered at the moment.