A People Before Profit TD has said that the agreed emissions reduction target of 25% for the agriculture sector is an “enormous blow to the climate goals and environmental movement in this country”.

Dublin South-Central TD Bríd Smith said the deal represented a victory for “big agri-food business interests and not farmers”.

Smith added that the the majority of farmers are losing out under this failed model and will continue to lose out.

She said:

“The announcement of an emissions ceiling of 25% for the agricultural sector is an enormous blow to Ireland’s climate goals and environmental movement.

“This figure of 25% is not in-line with the science or the Paris Agreement.

“This is not what the science tells us needs to happen, not what the extremes in weather are telling us needs to happen and not what the climate movement expects from the Green Party in government.”

25% emissions reduction

After lengthy discussion and negotiation in recent months and weeks, Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party leaders landed on a consensual percentage target for agriculture today.

The sectoral ceilings, which were originally due in June, form part of the carbon budgets outlined by government back in April as part of the Climate Action Plan.

It’s understood some of the emissions reduction targets for various sectors, which will be approved by Cabinet are as follows:

  • Agriculture: 25%;
  • Industry: 35%;
  • Transport: 50%;
  • Energy: 75%;
  • Commercial buildings: 45%;
  • Residential buildings: 40%.