‘This is a fence you have to put in once – once in a lifetime’

Founded in 2007, Clipex – an Australian success story – has brought innovative and alternative products to Irish livestock farmers since setting up its European headquarters in Ennis, Co. Clare, in 2017.

The company offers Irish farmers a complete fencing system and innovative stock handling solutions, as part of a growing product line.

The key attraction of Clipex equipment is its longevity – especially in Irish conditions.

Pierce Flemming – a farm manager (pictured below) in Co. Meath – is a recent convert to the Clipex approach. He explained: “We’ve decided to use all Clipex posts for our fencing this year. Traditionally we were using wooden posts and we found they were beginning to rot a lot.

“With Clipex posts we’re getting a 30-year guarantee.

“So far I’ve driven about 600 of them and I’m very happy with how well they’re going down. It’s a very easy operation; it’s a single-man operation – with 12m intervals between each post.

“We’re using high-tensile wire and straining to the end using the Clipex straining posts, which are well able to take a good strain.

In terms of the mechanism we find it very simple…with the clips for putting on the wire.

“[On some stands] we’re using two-clip posts. On other parts of the farm, where there’s calves, we’re using four-clip posts – where we can add extra stands of wire easily.

“So far we’re very happy with them; we’ve driven down through some very hard, stony ground – no issues using a petrol whacker.”

Pierce said: “We can load up 300 or 400 posts in the bucket of the teleporter with our whacker…or in the back of the quad. You could go out fencing all day without having to go back to gather supplies. With conventional wooden posts you’d nearly need a trailer to bring out that amount in the one go.”

Ease of fencing…

Clipex managing director, Kevin Lernihan (pictured below), said: “Our two-clip posts are made from high-tensile galvanised steel, especially for Irish climactic conditions.

“Suckler farms; dairy farms; sheep farms; we have a post designed for every farm use.

“You can change your paddocks as often as you like. You can remove the posts and re-drive them again.

“It suits, for example, the modern dairy farm where you want to change around your paddock system every few years or for when you want to reseed…or use slurry equipment where you can just drop your wire and put it back up.

“Some of the advantages of our posts are that they’re environmentally friendly.

They don’t leech into the ground…and they’re recyclable. Another advantage is they’re light-weight and easy to use.

“You don’t need a contractor. You can put them in with a post driver, a front loader, a petrol driver or a hand knocker.”

‘You won’t be replacing’

Kevin added: “The initial cost of these posts might be slightly more expensive than your traditional timber post, but you will not be replacing.

A Clipex fence is the cheapest fence that you will ever build. It’s the quickest fence you will ever build.

“We in Clipex design crushes, handlers and fencing – anything to make the farmer’s life easy.

“All our fencing is TAMS-approved. Everything is designed to last. This is a fence you have to put in once – once in a lifetime.”

More information

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