Pics: New round balers from machinery giant John Deere

Variable-chamber balers have long-since been less popular than their fixed-chamber (roller-type) counterparts here in Ireland. Such machines do sell well in other countries – France, for example.

John Deere is set to introduce a complete range of new V400 Series variable-chamber round balers for 2018 – to replace existing 800 and 900 Series models.

According to John Deere, these balers have been designed to work “in all crop conditions”, from wet grass to dry, brittle straw.

Key features, says the company, include a “durable, heavy-duty” welded frame and a “proven” feeding system with a larger diameter pick-up and a one-piece, in-line auger rotor for improved intake and crop flow.

John Deere

Heavier-duty components, such as bigger drive chains, oversize roller bearings, a new bale density tension system and Hardox steel rotor tines, also figure in the new designs.

The V451G is a basic-specification, entry-level baler – primarily for use in hay and straw.

The mid-specification V451M and V461M multi-crop balers are for “medium-to-high volume use”.

John Deere

The V451G has a four tine bar pick-up with 5mm tines. The two M models also have the option of a heavier-duty, five tine bar pick-up with 6mm tines, which is standard on the R models.

John Deere says that the V451R and V461R balers have been developed to “meet the high output requirements of contractors and larger livestock farms”. As introduced on the 900 Series round balers in 2012, the Fast Release System (FRS), in combination with the “high-capacity” intake rotor, is claimed to be capable of producing more than 140 bales per hour.

The bale chamber combines six “smooth-pattern” belts and three “aggressive” rollers. This combination, says the company, ensures “reliable bale starting in all conditions”. There is a choice of net only or net and twine wrapping options.

John Deere

A full-width, drop-floor unplugging (unblocking) system is standard on M and R models. This uses a parallelogram mechanism; Deere says it is the widest on the market.

Different BaleTrak monitors are available, depending on model. The higher-specification BaleTrak Plus unit controls: bale density and size; the drop-floor unplugging system; soft-core pressure and diameter; and knife selection – all from the tractor cab. R models are ISOBUS certified; these can be controlled from a GreenStar in-cab display.

“The introduction of these new variable-chamber models completes the replacement of the entire John Deere round baler range over the last two years,” said Philipp Ostermann, general manager of the company’s Arc-les-Gray factory in France.