Longford Show to Return

Now entering its 112th year, The Longford Show and Country Fair is set to return on Saturday, July 27th. Visitors can expect to see dozens of trade stands, horse shows, livestock and a “very big” dog show.

“The event will have show-jumping, horses, ponies, cattle, sheep, goats and poultry – with cookery, crafts art and a huge children’s section,” says Bernie Whyte, secretary for the show.

“We’ll have 60 stands in the trade stand village and central part [of the day] will be the gig rig with Ritche Kavanagh for two hours. On the day you enter showjumping and dog show – there’s no pre entry for those events.”

For more information, www.Longfordshow.ie has a full list of events, classes and entry forms and Bernie is contactable at [email protected]

Pictured: 2010’s Longford Show


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