New weed and insect protection options from Dow Agrosciences

Two new crop protection active ingredients for weed and insect control have been developed by Dow Agrosciences.

The new ingredients, Arylex Active and Isoclast Active, will form the basis of a new range of products for weed control in cereal crops and for insecticide control in a wide range of crops, the company says.

William Corrigan, National Business Manager with Dow AgroSciences, said it is taking place at a time of growing concern about the reducing number of crop protection products and a more stringent regulatory environment particularly in the EU.

“The new weed control active ingredient, Arylex Active, is from a new class of chemistry and we are confident it will provide a backbone for future broad-leaved weed herbicide solutions in cereal crops.

“It will control a wide spectrum of weeds and will have outstanding reliability in unpredictable weather conditions as well as having no rotational implications and no cross-resistance,” he said.

Arylex will be one of the first active ingredients to progress completely through the new and more stringent EU registration system.

Dow Agrosciences says it hopes that the first products containing the new ingredient will be available to Irish cereal growers in 2017.

Corrigan said the new insecticide active ingredient, called Isoclast Active is being developed for the Irish and UK markets.

It will offer control of sap sucking insects, such as aphids, in a wide range of crops and key features include no-known cross resistance to other insecticides together with a favourable profile on beneficial organisms, the company said.