Cold snap set to stop spring in its tracks…

Met Eireann is forecasting wintry conditions tonight, as a cold northerly airflow from Iceland chills the country.

Today is predicted to be overcast at first, with brighter conditions and scattered showers extending from the north later on.

Daytime temperatures are expected to be in the low teens in the southern half of the country, getting up to 13 degrees  — but not higher than 10 degrees in the north.

Overnight, the weather will turn cold and windy, with open skies and passing showers, especially in the north and northwest. Wintry showers are expected, with some of those showers falling as hail and a risk of sleet on higher ground. Met Eireann warns frost will form in areas sheltered from the northerly winds.

Winds will reach gale force 8 along the northern coast this evening and tonight.

Met Eireann says spraying opportunities will be limited.

Ground conditions are expected to remain good for the moment. Fresher weather should help with drying, but there is a warning that some showers will be heavy.

The cold snap looks set to last until Thursday, and the outlook for the weekend is for wet, unsettled weather as Atlantic conditions take over.