Fodder Budget Calculator

Our ‘Fodder Budget Calculator’ will let you calculate how much fodder you currently have, how much you need and whether you have a shortage or surplus.

Enter pit silage conserved

Animal type Number of stock kept over the winter Number stock over winter Number of months (include a 4-6 week reserve) Pit silage needed (t/animal/month) Silage
needed (t)
Dairy cows 1.6 0
Suckler Cows 1.4 0
0-1 year olds 0.7 0
1-2 year olds 1.3 0
2+ year olds 1.3 0
Ewes 0.15 0
Total silage needed 0

Enter pit silage conserved

Pit length (m) Pit width (m) Pit settled height (m) Silage in pit (t)

Enter bale silage quantity

Number of bales Yield/bale Bale yield (t)
1st and 2nd cut bales 0.8 0
Surplus bales 0.8 0
Total 0

Enter silage to be cut

Area (acres) Yield (t/acre) Total yield (t)
First cut 0
Second cut 0
Third cut 0
Total pit silage to be cut 0

Total silage surplus or deficit

Calculating total silage supplies Calculating silage surplus or deficit
Silage in pit (t) 0 Total silage supplies 0
Silage in bales (t) 0 Total silage demand 0
Pit silage to be cut (t) 0 Surplus/deficit (t) 0
Total silage supplies 0 % Surplus/deficit 0

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