Building on the award-winning success of the original machine, the new second generation XCEL 1250 Rear Discharge Spreader launched on the Irish market this summer.

With the invaluable feedback from our customers, our engineers and designers have implemented many tweaks and improvements to enhance the XCELs performance further.

The new XCEL 1250 retains the patented and proven chain flail and spinning disc spreading system and has being refined to improve both the spread pattern and adjustability.  The spreading system can handle a number of different materials including farmyard manure, chicken manure, compost and sludge.

The chain flails allow a greater capability to handle foreign objects in the manure (stones, cement blocks and so on) than auger type machines. The XCEL gives a very even spread pattern in excess of 16 metres and 20 metres plus with some materials.

The new machine uses marine type double floor chains to convey the manure and ensure an even feed to the spreading discs. The marine chain allows the XCEL 1250 to work very well with all material types, both wet material and very dry material and provide a steady flow of material to the flails and spinning discs.

The XCEL 1250 is a high output spreader and for our customers, downtime is not an option. Keeping this in mind our engineers have simplified the chain tensioning and hydraulic systems to ensure maintenance is quick and easy. The body sides are now curved; where as in the first generation machines they were angular. This increases the internal volume while also having the advantage of reduced chances of material bridging.

The original XCEL 1250 has been popular with customers all over the world for its excellent spread and high output, the new generation XCEL 1250 builds on this success.

 Image the Xcel 1250 Contractors Rear Discharge Spreader courtesy XCEL