The 2018 harvest is drawing to a close and growers are completing their crop planning for next season. Among the decisions to be made will be variety choice and – when it comes to winter barley – farmers will choose between two-row and six-row varieties.

Seedtech, which is known for its hybrid barley, is running a competition that gives entrants three chances of winning 5ha of Belfry hybrid barley seed.

Tillage farmers who want to be in with a chance of winning can enter their name on the Seedtech website. Entrants must also answer a few quick questions. Click here to enter the competition

Belfry will take up 7% of the winter barley seed for the 2018 season, up from 1% in 2017. Seedtech’s technical director Tim O’Donovan was happy with how Belfry performed this season.

“Belfry performed really well – both in trials this year and out on farms. As the latest hybrid barley variety to come to market, we’re very pleased with Belfry’s performance; not only in terms of its yield but also its gold standard straw characteristics.

“Winners of this prize will get the opportunity to try Belfry for themselves and experience how easy it is to grow,” he said.

The competition is open until midnight on September 9.