5 amazing farms for sale in the UK

Earlier this week, Agriland ran a story which said that the demand for rural land in the UK has fallen sharply in the past six months and that prices are expected to fall.

A drop in demand for rural land in the UK was reported the first half of 2016, and with supply continuing to increase, expectations have been pushed further into negative territory.

Also, the fall in Sterling should prove beneficial to agricultural exporters and farmlands safe haven status may attract long term investors, particularly for prime holdings.

So, we took a look online to see five of the best farms on offer across the Irish Sea:

1.Falahill Farm

Falahill, on the market for £5.2m (€6m) has been farmed by the current owners for nearly 30 years and it is a holding of nearly 1,500ac, the majority of which is either arable or ploughable pasture, according to Savills.

A traditional five bedroom farmhouse and a range of farm buildings are included in the sale. There is housing for 350 cows, 320 calves and 800 – 1,000t of grain storage.

It recommends that the farm is well suited to an integrated arable/ livestock business due to the plentiful supply of home grown feed and straw, summer grazing, in-wintering of cattle and/or sheep on site and the availability of farmyard manure.

The sale includes three 12.1Kw Proven wind turbines which supply the farm with electricity and are reported to save in the region of £4,000-£5,000 in mains electricity bills.

2.Manobrier Farm

Manorbrier coastal farm is in Pembrokeshire, Wales is on the market for £2.5m (€2.9m) and it is currently run as a dairy farm and B&B/ holiday let business on about 190ac.

The farmhouse included in the sale is a listed grade II farmhouse which dates back to the 1600’s.

Farm facts:

  • 16:32 Herringbone Milking Parlour with collection and dispersal yard.
  • Automatic feeders and milk transfer lines to adjoining Dairy with Dari Kool 12,000 litre Bulk Tank, Plate Coolers, hot water boiler etc.
  • Farm Office and Pump Room, Cattle Handling Race.
  • Cubicle housing for 190 cows in 2 x 8 Bay Sheds, large feeding yard with feed mangers and various loose housing.
  • 3 Bay calf rearing/calving shed, open concrete floor and part shuttered silo (approx. 75′ x 45′), enclosed slurry lagoon, traditional former cowshed suitable for renovation.

3.The Blythburgh Estate

The Blythburgh Estate spans 2550.76ac, is located in Suffolk, England and is on the market for £18m (€21m).

Over 1,034.04ac of the land is used principally for arable farming as it has flexible and easy working soils, according to Savills.

Other farming activity includes upland and marsh grazing with some land used for horse paddocks and stabling.

The estate is part of the Suffolk Heritage Coast and part of the estate is within a nature reserve.

4.Cowford Estate

Cowford Estate in Perthshire, Scotland is on the market for £3.85m (€4.5m) and is comprised of 777ac which is a mixture of arable land and an established forestry plantation.

The majority of the arable land runs through the middle of the property, with the woodlands to the north and south of this. A farmhouse and farm buildings are included in the sale.

The in-hand arable farming operation currently forms the principal enterprise with the current rotation including wheat, spring barley, peas and seed potatoes, with occasional grass leys and shopping turnips, Savills has said.

Cowford is being offered for sale as a whole or in three lots:

Lot 1 – Cowford Farm

  • Farmhouse (four bedrooms)
  • Farm buildings
  • 366ac arable
  • 9ac permanent grass
  • 28ac woodland
  • About 417ac in total

Lot 2 – Land at Whitehills

  • 3ac arable
  • About 95ac in total

Lot 3 – Tavern Wood

  • 265ac commercial woodland

5.Drum Farm

Drum Farm in Banffshire, Scotland has a guide price of £2.1m (€2.45m) and is a productive dairy and arable farm with a traditional farmhouse and three cottages.

The property extends in total to about 452ac comprising 324ac arable/ploughable pasture, 117ac permanent pasture and 7ac woodland, according to Savills.

All winter fodder is produced on the farm and silage can be taken off the majority of farmland, with about 200ac of barley grown in the rotation, it said.

The dairy farm currently carries 120-180 commercial Holstein cows, plus calves. It has a 4,500L bulk tank (and 1,000Lback up tank) and 10:20 herringbone parlour.

Included in the sale are farm buildings, a silage pit, several cubical sheds and grain storage.