World War II bomb explodes in field – leaving 10m crater

A crater left by a World War II bomb was discovered in a field in Germany on Sunday evening, June 23, local police have confirmed.

Found in Limburg-Ahlbach, Berghof, at 5:20pm, the crater was immediately reported to local authorities.

In a statement, police noted: “At the first inspection by a patrol, the crater measured about 10m in diameter with a depth of about 4m.

“There were no indications of causation by machines or tools.”

According to residents, a “strong explosion and a quake” was felt in the early hours of Sunday morning, at 3:52am, the police noted.

“After consultation, the ordnance clearance service have found no definite evidence of a suspected dud so far,” the statement added.

“In the course of today further investigations will be carried out. The local DRC made an overview shot using a drone,” the statement said.

In an update on the matter, following another in-depth examination of the crater by the battle equipment service, it was confirmed that a world war bomb has been disposed of, the police reported.

A similar incident occurred last year; an artillery shell also dating back to World War II was discovered on a farm in Scotland on Monday, July 16, 2018, prompting plenty of excitement locally.

The explosive was found on a farm in Moray, near Forres on the north-east coast.