‘Working Wonders’ have arrived: Let the voting commence…

The six short-listed ‘Working Wonders‘ are on-site at this week’s Farm Tractor & Machinery Trade Association (FTMTA) Farm Machinery Show.

The tractors were short-listed as part of a country-wide competition.

One of the ‘Working Wonders’ is this 1994 ‘square-jawed’ Fiat (Fiatagri) 160-90 DT (pictured below). It belongs to Bob Bailey – based outside Gorey, Co. Wexford.

Bob’s son Ben said: “We reckon there are about 28,000 hours on it. The clock is showing 8,000 hours, but it only reads up to 10,000 and relapses – so it’s gone around the clock twice.”

Next up is this 1993 (black-liveried) JCB Fastrac 155-65 (pictured below). It belongs to Tom Fahey from the Glen of Aherlow, Co. Tipperary.

Commenting on the eye-catching colour scheme, he explained: “After we bought it we decided we would paint it black and silver but, mechanically, she was 100%.”

He added: “It’s a tractor that you would be looking forward to driving; you wouldn’t mind if you had to go 20 miles in it.”

Next up is this Case IH MX135. It’s a 2000 model. It belongs to David Cooney – based in Ballinabrackey, Co. Meath.

David’s father – Peter – bought the tractor in 2003. He said: “I was only seven years old when this tractor arrived; I don’t really remember life without it.

“It’s showing 12,200 hours on the clock; it spends most of its time on a round baler. I reckon she has probably done close to 160,000 bales – but I couldn’t say for sure.”

Yet another ‘Working Wonder’ (also on display at the show) is this 1999 Fendt 714 Vario (pictured below). It belongs to Tom and Robbie Lalor – based close to Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

Tom commented: “For its age, she is still ergonomically better than many other tractors on the market.

“She is one of the earlier models, so she doesn’t have TMS [Tractor Management System]. The engine is not common-rail, so you have to kind of speed-match her yourself, as you’re driving her.”

Next up is this 1993 John Deere 3650 (pictured below). It’s owned by Tony Keane – near Bruff, Co. Limerick.

He bought the tractor privately in 2013. He noted: “She’s my main tractor. I won’t sell it; I’ll be buried in that tractor before I would do that.

“It’s a working classic and she earns her keep. If anything goes wrong with it, you can fix it yourself. You don’t have to plug it in to see what’s up.”

Finally, this New Holland TM120 (pictured below) is a 2007 model. It belongs to Kevin McGrath – based close to Clashmore, Co. Waterford.

He bought the tractor from M&S Machinery in Cashel, Co. Tipperary, in 2017. He explained: “I was just passing through one day and I saw it; I had to buy it.”

The tractor goes into a shed every night; Kevin said he just doesn’t like leaving it outside at night. He added: “When I bought it I did the head on the engine, as they can drop a valve when they cross 10,000 hours. I said it’s better to be safe than sorry!”

Let the voting commence!

Visitors attending the show, which opened today (Thursday, February 7) and runs until Saturday (February 9), can vote – by simply dropping their wrist-bands or tokens into the relevant collection point (placed beside each of the six short-listed tractors).

Just pick which tractor you think is most deserving of the ‘Working Wonder‘ title.

The overall winner will be announced at the close of the event.

The grand (€3,000) prize…

The lucky winner will then get his hands on €3,000 worth of tyres – kindly sponsored by FTMTA member firm AgriGear (based in Bailieborough, Co. Cavan).