A lamb on a pet farm in Co. Kildare recently took the phrase ‘wool jumper’ to new heights recently!

Stonebrook Farm is a pet farm in Ballymore Eustace in Co. Kildare where recently one of the lambs took being a wooly jumper to a new level.

The lamb follows a girl and it manages to jump over three small hurdles.

The farm has been open since 2009 and is located in the pastures of the River Liffey valley. At the pet farm, children can collect eggs, meet the animals, bottle-feed a lamb and feed calves. At Stonebrook Farm you can also hold baby chickens, goslings and ducklings.

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Take a look at the lamb that thinks it’s a horse:

You just have to watch this !

Posted by Stonebrook Pet Farm on Sunday, April 5, 2015

Earlier this year Pet the sheep decided that she wanted to be a sheepdog. Jemma Mackenzie, the owner of the sheep says that Pet was orphaned as a lamb and from a young age started following one of Jemma’s collies, Dice, around. She says that the sheep thought Dice was her mother.

Pet would follow Dice everywhere and they even slept in the same bed together, Jemma says. The video shows Pet jumping around and following the other collies that Jemma’s family have, Dice, Fly, Jess and Megan. The family live in the Scottish highlands.

On Jemma’s YouTube channel she says that Pet still has the freedom to go out onto the hill and join the other sheep for the day but that she enjoys nothing more than coming back into the shed at nice to sleep beside Dice.

Take a look at Pet, another wooly jumper: