The Department of Agriculture released its recommended lists for winter cereal varieties yesterday, September 16.

Winter barley

Topping the winter barley list on relative yield this year was Belfry at 110. Bazooka followed just behind on 109. Both varieties are six-row hybrids and were first listed in 2019.

Two new varieties have been added to the provisionally recommended list this year – LG Casting and Valerie, both two-row varieties.

Ratings for straw breakdown weren’t hectic for any of the varieties with scores of between 4 and 6. Most varieties were performing well on disease resistance.

The old favourite KWS Cassia falls down on rhynchosporium, but this will hardly deter its loyal growers. The variety also rated highest for KPH with a score of 69.9.

Valerie was next on the list for KPH at 69.7.

Unfortunately, the recommended list does not give any rating for resistance to ramularia, which will be crucial this season as chlorothalonil goes into its use up period.

In total, nine varieties made the list including: Bazooka; Belfry; KWS Cassia; KWS Infinity; KWS Kosmos; Pixel; Quadra; LG Casting; Valerie.

Winter wheat

Six varieties made it onto the recommended list for wheat – Bennington; Costello; JB Diego; Torp; KWS Conros; and Graham.

Graham was top of the grade – in its first year on the provisionally recommended list – on relative yield with a score of 104, while Bennington and Torp hit 101.

Torp topped the score for resistance to Septoria on a resistance rating of 7, while KWS Conros showed the strongest resistance to yellow rust on a score of 8. Costello rated best for sprouting on a score of 8.

Winter oats

Six varieties made the recommended list for winter oats. Barra was the oldest variety on the list. It first made the cut in 1986, while WPB Isabel was the newest addition and made the provisionally recommended list.

Delfin topped the list on relative yield at 112. Husky followed on 106. WPB Isabel rated best on resistance to mildew with a score of 6. WPB Isabel, Delfin and Husky all had a rating of 7 for resistance to lodging.