Win a years supply of CLiK or CLiKZiN products to protect against maggots

Agriland in association with Elanco is running a Blowfly outbreak monitoring campaign across Ireland.

We have developed an interactive map to see if your region has been affected.

With milder weather comes the increased risk of Blowfly, or maggots, on sheep farms and after the mild winter this year sheep farmers should be on the lookout for signs of Blowfly.

Blowfly strike is weather-dependent and unpredictable weather makes early and late blowfly challenge a particular problem

Submit a report if you’ve been affected to be in with a chance to win a years supply of CLiK or CLiKZiN products.

We’ve already received reports from farmers in counties Leitrim, Galway, Laois, Mayo and Cork and Waterford.

blowfly map

Report A Case Of Blowfly

Why use an IGR with FleeceBind?

Insect growth regulators (or IGRs) stop larvae from developing into the harmful second and third stage maggots responsible for fly strike.

It’s important to prevent using an IGR with FleeceBind, as the consequences of blowfly strike can be costly. In addition to animal deaths, there are losses from damaged wool and fleeces, plus the cost of treatment and strike control.


  • Long-lasting, 16-week cover minimises labour
  • Suitable for ewes and lambs with any fleece length
  • Using CLiK directly off shears saves time by avoiding the need to re-gather sheep
  • Reduces risk of flystrike in sheep and associated productivity losses


  • CLiKZiN gives 8 weeks of protection against blowfly, with only a 7-day meat withhold
  • Suited for use on all stock including lambs for market
  • Gives farmers flexibility when marketing lambs