The latest report from the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC) indicates that Irish heifer prices increased by 10.2c/kg from the week ending April 29 to the week ending May 27. The prices listed below are exclusive of VAT.

This moves Ireland’s R3 heifers up to fourth place in the overall EU standings; compared to sixth place at the end of April. In addition, Britain was a non-mover and is placed third, while Northern Ireland has dropped one place to fifth.

According to the LMC – during this period – R3 heifer prices in the Republic of Ireland were 5.1c/kg behind what R3 heifers made in Britain and 1.3c/kg higher than the price in Northern Ireland.

In Ireland, the prices achieved by R3 heifers stood at 420.7c/kg for the week ending May 27. This is an increase of 10.2c/kg from the 410.5c/kg paid to Irish farmers during the week ending April 29.

Furthermore, Irish R3 heifer prices stand 27.2c/kg higher than the EU average (for this period), figures from the LMC show.

In Northern Ireland, the R3 heifer price was the equivalent of 419.4c/kg – a rise of 3.6c/kg on April returns.

The gap between the R3 heifer price in Northern Ireland and the EU average widened by 25.9c/kg during this period.

For the week ending May 27 – in Britain – R3 heifer prices equaled the equivalent of 425.8c/kg. This was an increase of 1.7c/kg from the 424.1c/kg paid during the week ending April 29.

If we take a 300kg heifer carcass – for the week ending May 27 – heifers slaughtered in Italy, Sweden and Britain made €131, €128 and €128 respectively more than heifers in the Republic of Ireland.

How did other EU countries fair?

France has remained in eight place in the standings. R3 heifers were 391c/kg during the week ending May 27 – a jump of 5c/kg on the previous month’s figures.

Figures from the LMC also show that Swedish farmers continued to receive the highest price for R3 heifers – at 438.3c/kg – while Italy retained second place with a R3 heifer price of 428.3c/kg.

Both Luxembourg and Spain are ranked in sixth and seventh places respectively. Luxembourg heifer prices fell from by 12.1c/kg from the week ending April 29 to the week ending May 27.

Heifers in Spain achieved prices of 395.1c/kg during the week ending May 27.