What do families eat in Indonesia and Malaysia?

Reporting from Indonesia

Earlier this year Bord Bia conducted an immersion study in both Indonesia and Malaysia. This allowed consumer attitudes to food to be examined more closely.

As part of the study, Bord Bia researchers visited families and consumers in the cities of Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. This gave a greater understanding of consumer attitudes to and consumption of dairy.

Speaking about the opportunity the markets present, Tara McCarthy, Bord Bia’s CEO said: “The opportunity is significant as the middle-classes grow; the adoption of dairy increases and consumer demand for dairy innovations grow.

“Our industry needs to explore ways of developing products in line with local taste preferences and demand for functionality around protein and calcium. There is potential to deliver a unique message for Ireland around our natural, sustainable dairy industry, which is already in line with their values.”

Cheddar cheese on the shelves of a supermarket that AgriLand visited as part of the Trade Mission to Indonesia and Malaysia

Findings from the study

  • Dairy consumption is more developed in Malaysia, compared to Indonesia, as the population consumes twice as much dairy per head than that of Indonesia.
  • Malaysia is extremely reliant on dairy imports – 95%.
  • Taste is the main driver of consumption.
  • Functional benefits are also important in Malaysia.
  • Cheese is becoming more popular as western dishes make their way into the market. The richer taste is also being used to encourage children to eat their evening meals.
  • New Zealand and the Netherlands have a strong presence on the dairy shelves. Countries with a tradition of dairy production are respected in these countries.
  • Ireland is seen as a country with an open countryside that is natural and which has clean air and a tradition of farming.
  • Dairy is seen to be very important by families.
  • Dairy is very important at breakfast time in Malaysia. Consumers drink milk, as well as using it with cereal or bread.
  • In Indonesia, dairy is also important at breakfast time, when consumers may eat noodles, pasta and soup. Dairy is used in these products.