The best of the fine weather is not over yet, as Met Éireann is forecasting two or three days of warm temperatures and dry weather this week.

However, the weather is expected to break later in the week with rain forecast from Wednesday.

Starting with today (Monday, September 6), lingering mist will continue to clear this morning. It will be rather cloudy for a time though across Ulster and Connacht, with a little patchy drizzle.

It will be brighter elsewhere with spells of sunshine, though fog will linger along southern coasts.

Today will be warm with top temperatures of 20° to 25°, warmest in the south midlands, in a light southerly or variable breeze.

Weather forecast for Monday night

Met Éireann said it will be overall, dry tonight, apart from patchy drizzle in the north early on.

It will become misty or foggy though across much of the country. Very mild and humid with temperatures not falling below 12° to 16°, in a light southerly or variable breeze.

Tomorrow, Tuesday morning, will begin misty or foggy, but it will burn off quickly with very warm and sunny conditions following.

However, fog is expected to linger along some coasts through the day. Top temperatures of 22° to 27°, warmest in the midlands, in a light east to southeast breeze.

Weather outlook

It will gradually become more unsettled from midweek on, according to the national forecaster, as low pressure near Ireland will bring showers for the rest of the week, with some heavy or thundery downpours.

Nights will remain mild, but daytime temperatures will gradually return to the high teens or low 20s.

Tuesday night is expected to be dry for most areas, but well scattered showers will extend from the south overnight, spreading to much of Munster, Connacht and south Leinster by morning, and occasionally becoming heavy.

It will be another mild night on Tuesday with temperatures no lower than 15° to 17° with patches of mist and fog developing in a light easterly or variable breeze.

On Wednesday, it’s expected to be another warm day with a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers, turning heavier and more persistent later in the evening.

Highest temperatures will range from 20° to 24° generally, in a light to moderate southeast breeze.

Looking further ahead, the national met office has said that showers will become heavier and more widespread on Wednesday night.

It will stay mild and humid with temperatures generally not falling below 16° or 17°, with pockets of mist and fog developing once again.

The widespread showers will continue on Thursday, turning heavy at times with the potential for thunderstorms, with Friday bringing a mix of sunny spells and scattered showers.

Field conditions

According to Met Éireann, soils are currently dry in all areas, with driest conditions over Munster and south Leinster, where soil moisture deficits range between 25mm and 50mm.

Elsewhere, soil moisture deficits range between 17mm and 25mm. Despite rainfall yesterday (Sunday), soil moisture deficits will increase by a few mm in the south and likely decrease only slightly in the northwest and along the east coasts (locally where heaviest showers occur) over the coming week.

By the end of the week and over the weekend, soils in the northwest are expected to be, or close to, saturation.

Weather conditions are also conducive to the spread of potato blight.