Weather guru Ken Ring: ‘Best weather is yet to come’

In recent weeks the country, and its farmers, have basked in a much-needed period of sizzling sunshine and “fierce drying”; however, the best is yet to come, according to long-range Kiwi weather guru, Ken Ring.

The forecaster told AgriLand that the last week of June promises to be sunny and warm – a trend expected to continue into spells for July and August.

The New Zealander singled out specific dates over the coming months which, he predicts, will experience the finest conditions.

July 4-10 and 14-18 will be dry and summery; while July 26 to August 4 will bring the best of dry holiday weather. Then [there’ll be] a brief dry spell during August 21–25.

“After September 21, Dublin will slip into autumn temperatures of below 20°,” he said.

Rain and snow

However, sporadic downpours of heavy rain are also expected later this summer; and into the autumn and winter months.

Heavy rainfall can be expected around August 11, October 10, November 13-17, and December 18, noted Ring.

“October, November and December may be wet months. The first real frost is at the beginning of November. Expect snow after Christmas, and a temperature plunge between January 8-10,” he said.

Met Eireann

Meanwhile, according to Met Eireann’s latest farming commentary, this week rainfall amounts are forecast to be “well below normal” in most places.

However, there’ll be heavy showers at times – most especially in the western half of the country and also in the south later in the week.

Soil temperatures are 4° to 6° above normal in many areas. The meteorological service said it will continue to be warm for much of the week – with both air and soil temperatures continuing 3° to 4° above normal, generally.

The coming days will bring some good spells of summer sunshine; but also cloudier misty periods, Met Eireann forecasts.

Drying conditions

With mostly warm and dry weather in store, Met Eireann said there will be good drying this week. However, there will be exceptions at times where showers occur – particularly in the mornings, and late evenings, due to rather misty conditions.

With mostly dry weather and light winds in store, conditions for spraying will be mostly good. However, there is a blight warning in operation for coastal areas due to high humidity in misty conditions which may occur.

Field conditions

Due to the very dry conditions soil moisture deficits are between 40mm and 70mm across the country. It is driest in east and southeast parts.

It is forecast that the dry weather may continue into next week – with most of any rain coming from localised heavy showers.

However, Met Eireann also projects that conditions may become “a bit more unsettled” from next Tuesday (June 12) onwards. For now, trafficability is good in all areas and this trend is expected to continue for the rest of this week.