Waterford Whisky releases 24,000 bottles produced from Irish organic barley

The first organic Irish whiskey, certified by the Organic Trust, has been launched by Waterford Distillery.

The organic whiskey is part of the Arcadian Series which Waterford Distillery has produced and includes organic, biodynamic and heritage distillates.

It was produced from barley from six farms across the country – Paddy Tobin, Alan Jackson, Pat and Denis Booth, Jason Stanley, Trevor Harris and John Mallick.

Unlike the single-farm origin’s already released under the Waterford Whisky brand, the organic product could not be produced from just one farm, due to the low availability of organic barley and low yields when the project first started.

In time, organic, single-farm origins will be available and at present the distillery is laying down between 400 and 600 casks of organic spirit each year.

From today (October 12), 24,000 bottles of the organic spirit will be released by Waterford Whisky into over 25 markets.

The distillery states on its website that: “We sought out maverick farmers, inspirational growers, iconoclasts whose ethos and way of life respects the land and the old ways in the pursuit of pure flavours over yield imperatives.”

The company notes that it is “Ireland’s first whisky distilled from certified organic Irish barley”.

Waterford Distillery is famous for its focus on single-farm origins and Téiroir. On its website the company states: “We have placed barley – where and how it is grown – at the heart of what we do, curious about where the original flavour may be found.

A natural progression of this philosophy is to see what not only single-farm origins can accomplish, but what organically grown barley can do when it is given the right platform.

The statement adds that “from experience we know it [organic barley] to show more definition of flavour”.