Watch: Zetor releases footage of new-era Crystal HD

Back on August 23, we brought you news that Zetor had unveiled its latest Crystal model – half a century after the first tractor to bear the ‘Crystal’ name was launched.

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The tractor – the Crystal HD – was unveiled at the ‘Zeme Zivitelka’ exhibition in Ceske Budejovice (in the Czech Republic).

Zetor has just released a video (below), showing the tractor in much greater detail. In particular, there is detailed footage showing the cab interior and the revised control layout.

This tractor is available with up to 171hp; thanks to its six-cylinder, 6.1L (common-rail) Deutz engine – making it the most powerful tractor in Zetor’s line-up.

The tractor is fitted with Zetor’s ECO 40 (30F 30R) transmission, which has already been used in the Forterra model range. It incorporates a power-shuttle (reverser) and an automatic three-stage powershift. At its top whack of 40kph (on the road), it runs at an “economical” 1,750rpm.

Maximum rear lift capacity is 8.5t.

According to Zetor, the six-pillar suspended cab sits 10cm higher – thus improving visibility.

Among other “innovations”, there is also a multi-function control panel with electrically-controlled hydraulics, a new dashboard and other in-cab ergonomic improvements.

The tractor is also equipped with front axle suspension. It comprises two separate (independently-suspended) ‘semi-axles’.

Two versions will be offered – the Crystal HD 150 and the Crystal HD 170.

According to Zetor, the original Crystal was introduced in 1968. It, claims the manufacturer, was the “first tractor in the world” in which in-cab noise didn’t exceed 85dB – thanks to its “modern” safety cab and a four-cylinder (also a six-cylinder unit since 1975) engine equipped with a “balance rod”.

The early incarnations

It claims that the Crystal was a “first-class tractor in global scope at that time”.

The tractors were produced in Brno (Czech Republic) until 1981. Then, for “political reasons”, production was moved to ZTS Martin, Slovakia. The tractors from Martin were branded as ZTS; they were produced there for another 20 years.

Production of the “new-generation” of Crystal tractors re-started in Brno in 2015.