The latest episode of Farmland is now live and discusses the best ways to finish cattle efficiently on meal and how farmers should be compensated for a loss of land value due to special designations.

In this programme Willie Boland from Liffey Mills speaks to Agriland’s technical beef specialist, Breifne O’Brien about the meal markets and how farmers finishing cattle can make the most out of their supplies.

He provides advice on taking advantage of the current beef price, by feeding cattle that are near finishing with concentrates, and examines the margin over feed costs.

He also discusses strong beef markets, referring to the high weekly throughput numbers that factories are currently experiencing.

In terms of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Boland outlines the current volatility of the meal markets in relation to supply chain issues and increasing prices.

Willie Boland from Liffey Meals

Also on the latest episode of Farmland, Irish Natura and Hill Farmers’ Association (INHFA) president, Vincent Roddy, states that land under special designations is becoming devalued and how this affects farmers who want to sell or borrow on the strength of it.

He outlines the organisation’s call for a fund to be established, that would offset the devaluation by topping up the purchase price to the value of comparable land in the area.

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