Lakeland Dairies has confirmed that it has broken the 50c/L barrier for base milk price for supplies during the month of April.

The Board of Lakeland Dairies has decided today (Tuesday, May 10) upon the co-operative’s milk price for last month.

In the Republic of Ireland, Lakeland has increased its milk price by 3c/L to pay 50.1c/L inclusive of VAT, for milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

On average, the Lakeland pay out in ROI will be 53.02c/L for April milk.

In Northern Ireland, Lakeland Dairies has increased its milk price by 2.5 p/L to 40 p/L.

On average, the processor will pay out 42.1p/L for April milk in Northern Ireland including adjustments for constituents and quality, and volume bonuses and zero cartage charges.

In March, Lakeland increased its milk price by 3.6c/L to pay 47.1c/L in the Republic of Ireland, inclusive of lactose bonus and VAT, for milk at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.

In Northern Ireland, the processor rose its milk price by 2.8p/L to 37.5 p/L.


In a statement, the board of Lakeland noted that dairy markets are balanced, with an uptick in milk supply, however a demand challenge is now emerging as higher prices feed through to consumers.

“Inflationary pressures continue to bite at farm, processor, food production and consumer levels. Some key Asian markets remain significantly impacted by the pandemic, and the war in Ukraine continues to affect market sentiment on a global basis.

“However, the overall view is that the markets will continue to provide good returns for the foreseeable future,” the processor said.

Lakeland Dairies said that it will continue to monitor market developments.

The announcement follows a recent prediction from the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers’ Association (ICMSA) Dairy chair that base milk prices would break the historic 50c/L barrier for this year’s peak production months.

Speaking in advance of price announcements by processors for April supplies, Noel Murphy said that milk price has hit record levels each month this year due to the continuing surge in dairy markets.