A dog attack on a Co. Carlow pedigree sheep flock has resulted in over €3,500 worth of damage, with six sheep killed and a further two badly injured, according to the sheep farmer.

The incident took place at lunch time yesterday (November 25) on James Nolan’s farm in Fenagh, Co. Carlow, a mixed pedigree and commercial flock consisting of 800 ewes.

According to Nolan, three dogs were involved which included a pair of rottweilers and a terrier and these dogs killed three pedigree Charollais ewes and three mule ewe lambs.

We lost six sheep from my April lambing flock and two pedigree hogget ewes were also very badly injured.

“The two pedigree ewes still look a little dodgy, they will never make pedigree ewes due to the scarring on their faces.”

Dog attack pic 5

He also said that at the time of the attack there were a number of other pedigree sheep in the field which included the main stock ram.

“Between the value of the sheep, veterinary costs and knackeries fees it will cost about €3,500.”

However, he added that the incident could have been a whole lot worse due to the proximity of his January lambing flock to the site of the attack.

“We were lucky it could have been a lot worse. The guy that works with me came across the dogs attacking the sheep,” he said.


dog attack james nolan


He added that the number of sheep killed could have easily been closer to 70.

“We were blessed that there were not more sheep killed. Eight sheep could have easily been 60-70.

My January lambing flock of pedigree Charollais ewes were in the next field and all of my replacement stock including a flock of pedigree Lleyns were in the field beside that again.

Moreover, he added that the incident has been reported to the Gardai, but he hopes that the issues will be resolved in the coming days without its involvement.