Beef kill back 76,576 head – Weekly throughput above 32,000

The cumulative beef kill at beef processors last week was back 5% on the corresponding period last year, figures from the Department of Agriculture show.

The national beef for the week beginning November 16, 2015 stood at 1.4m.

Total heifer throughput at the factories is back 4% on the corresponding week last year with total throughput this year standing at 373,376.

Looking at steer throughput, 577,312 head were slaughtered for the week beginning November 16, 2015. This up 4% on 2014 levels.

Throughput of young bulls to export plants is back 23% on the corresponding period in 2014. The cumulative young bull kill stands at 134,063 head.

The Department of Agriculture figures show that there’s been an 11% drop in the number of cows going to the factory on 2014 levels.

For the week ending November 16, total cow throughput stood at 293,790 head.

The cumulative bull kill is also back on 2014 levels. There’s been a decrease in throughput compared to the corresponding period last year of 22%.

Total bull throughput stands at 31,342 up to the week beginning November 16, 2015.

Beef Kill

Weekly Beef Kill Differences

The weekly beef kill for the week beginning November 16, 2015 sits at 32,231 head. This is up 1% on the previous week.

There was little change in the weekly heifer kill with a throughput of 8,018 head last week compared to the 7,980 head that went to factories last week.

There was also little change in the weekly steer kill last week. Throughput of steers to beef processors last week stood at 14,281.

The weekly cow kill last week was up 1% at 6,606 head while the weekly bull kill stood at 422, back 85 on the previous week.

There was a 4% increase in the weekly young bull kill, where there was a throughput of 2,865 head last week.

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