Video: UK dog walker finds butchered sheep dumped

A dog walker in the UK made a “gruesome discovery” recently when they came across the remains of butchered sheep dumped along a remote pathway.

The dog walker made the discovery near Leverton pumping station in Lincolnshire, along England’s east coast. The incident was reported to Boston Borough Council.

An appeal for information has been issued after the butchered and dismembered sheep and remains were found dumped beside the remote pathway.

The council is now reportedly making arrangements for the remains to be removed and disposed of. They include: dead, whole sheep; internal remains; fleeces; and a sheep’s head, the council explained.

The incident is also being investigated by Lincolnshire police. A local farmer, who is understood to be helping police with their investigation, believes the sheep are not local livestock as they are hill sheep.

Lincolnshire police are not currently investigating any sheep theft or poaching offences in the area, the council added.

Readers must be warned that the below footage does contain graphic imagery. Viewer discretion is advised. 

Rare sheep butchered in New Zealand

A farmer in New Zealand also found five ewes from his rare breed flock butchered recently, just weeks before they were supposed to start lambing.

The five Campbell Island ewes were apart of just 35 left in the entire world. The flock is owned by Daniel Wheeler, a farmer interested in rare sheep breeds.

Wheeler reportedly found the unborn lambs and entrails of the sheep in a small paddock, where the ewes had been herded into. The farmer believes more than one person must have been involved.

Campbell Island sheep are believed to be a mix of several breeds. They were sheep which lived wild on Campbell Island, which is located 600km south of New Zealand, for about 40 years.

A small number of the ewes were brought back to New Zealand for conservation purposes.