Video: These little piggies did not go to the market – 2,200 piglets escape

These little piggys did not go to the market.

Some 2,200 piglets escaped from the truck that was carrying them recently in the US after it overturned in the US.

NBC News reports that there was a mad scramble in Ohio on Monday after a truck carrying some 2,200 piglets overturned.

Police say the truck driver lost control, veered into a guardrail and then overturned, the news station reported.

It is reported that the driver rounded a curve too quickly and lost control of the vehicle.

This then sent the hundreds of piglets running into the nearby woods.

Multiple agencies were called to the scene to help round up the loose pigs however, some pigs sadly died in the crash and the rest were taken to the local fairgrounds, it says.

Deputy Jason Tavner said that they aren’t sure how many of the animals may still be on the loose.

“Once we got them all corralled, it was almost impossible to count them all at that point,” he said.

In all, 1,500 piglets that survived were either rescued from the vehicle or captured after scampering into nearby woods, reports say.

The animals were picked up from the fairgrounds Tuesday morning and taken to their final destination in Indiana where they’ll be raised for slaughter, it was reported.