The Facebook page you need to see if you’re a farmer looking for love

Are you a bachelor farmer with road frontage?

If so, then you’ll want to take a look at the Farmers Daughters Blog page on Facebook.

The page was set up by three farmers’ daughters from Co. Meath have set up a Facebook page to ‘find their ideal husbands’.

Carol Lawless, Rachel Daly, and Shannon Kelly-Smith, who set up the page, are all from farming backgrounds and say they couldn’t believe the misconceptions about farmers they experienced when they started college.

The page has already amassed over 5,000 likes on the social media website.

To try and create some budding romances the page has a ‘Farmer of the Day’ feature.

The latest nomination of the feature is “a proper bachelor farmer who’s in dire need of a good country woman! A decent Louth man who is far from ‘wee’ himself Bob likes nothing more than being elbow deep in an heifer when the occasion calls for it”.

The page is not limited to bachelor farmers but spinster farmers also. An earlier nomination featured a farmer called Karen.

Karen aka ”Kazza” was born in the calving shed 20 years ago. This may be hard to believe but is 100% true.

It also appears from the Facebook page that some bachelor farmers are very picky when it comes to land, animals and prospective dates.

“You’ll want to be some outfit to impress this lad because no animals or land to him is anything but “scrap” and everything to him is ‘shocking’,” one farmer of the day post says.

As well as the farmer of the day the girls also post photos about the general farming lifestyle.

Farming in a pair of wellingtons and pyjamas to get jobs done is a must according to the page.

Girls we’ve all done it 🙂

Posted by Farmers Daughters Blog on Monday, June 8, 2015

How to annoy a farmer is also a hit on the page, with tangled wiring being a major annoyance for some farmers.
Here are three steps on how to annoy a farmer:
Sticking with the purpose of the page, like all relationships going out with a farmer has got its ups and downs.
There has been fine weather across the country over the past number of days for making silage and it is set to continue into next week.
Relationships could come under pressure this week!