The O’Gorman Brothers recently finished harvesting potatoes in Co. Kildare and Martin Coogan was there to film the harvest with a drone.

Filmed in Kilkea, Co. Kildare, Kevin O’Gorman can be seen driving the Dewulf RA3060.

It was bought brand new and has nearly completed its third harvest. The second harvester was the Avr which is being operated by John O’Gorman.

The Avr has no storage tank so runs alongside the tractors with trailers or can fill 1.2t boxes.

Four John Deere tractors, each with 32ft Gillespie Trailers can be seen driving around the 15a field which was full of rooster potatoes.

In the video the potatoes are shown being harvested, then collected and put into boxes. They are then brought back to the base where forklifts unload the boxes off the trailer.

Then more empty boxes are loaded onto the trailer for more potatoes to be harvested.

Coogan took up filming in September as a hobby and the cameras that were used were a 1 Phantom 3 drone, and Hero 3 Go Pros cameras.

Johnstown Produce Ltd are the main growers in Castledermot, Co. Kildare with over 20 years experience of growing potatoes.

Coogan said that the O’Gormans are huge fans of U2 so he had to use a U2 song to accompany the video.