Video: Oppistion to Dublin/Shannon pipeline to take centre stage on Ear to the Ground

This week’s Ear to the Ground will look into Irish Water’s controversial project, the proposed water pipeline to connect Dublin and the River Shannon.

Tonight’s episode will see Helen Carroll meet some of the people opposing the development of the 170km water pipeline and asks if this is a case of holding people to ransom over a basic human need.

Motorways, gas pipes and greenways have often angered farmers across Ireland over the years and the latest project, the Shannon to Dublin water pipeline running from the west to the east is no different.

Irish Water’s €1.2bn project is one of the largest undertakings in over 50 years but before the sod has turned local groups are organising themselves to ‘Fight the Pipe’.

A dairy processing and supplying possibly the freshest milk in the country in Co. Carlow and a walk down memory lane with comedian Brendan Grace will also feature this week.

Meanwhile, Ella McSweeney visits the people behind the Village Dairy based  in Killeshin, Co. Carlow.

At the Village Dairy, it only takes a matter of hours for the milk to be processed, with milk making it to the consumers on the same day that it was collected from the cow.

Producing fresh local produces of the highest quality, The Village Dairy supplies organic, conventional and jersey milk and cream to a number of hotels, shops and cafes.

Regular customer Barista Stephen Mooney in Co. Kildare tells Ella the taste of the milk speaks for itself and that it is a massive hit with his coffee drinkers.

Taking a stroll down memory lane, Darragh McCullough catches up with Irish comedian Brendan Grace, 40 years since he wrote his hit parody song “I’ve Got a Brand New Combine Harvester”.

The Irish comedian looks back at how much combine harvesters have changed over the years, while remembering fondly his country audiences and how his rural relations inspired his act.

Ear to the Ground will air on RTE 1 at 8.30pm tonight and will also being repeated on Sunday.