Over the past few years, many farmers – especially those who are dairy farming – have availed of the Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS).

With the help of TAMS, a number of new dairy units have sprung up across the country, which include: milking parlours; cubicle sheds; calf housing; and drafting areas.

To make each farm as efficient as possible, particular attention is being paid to the smaller details inside of these new builds.

For example, last week AgriLand paid a visit to Evan Shorten – a young dairy farmer in Co. Cork – who built a brand new milking parlour, cubicle shed and calf house all under the one roof, last year, with the help of TAMS II.

An interesting feature on his farm was the installation of four up-and-over gates, that were fitted on either end of the cubicles.

The gates separate the cubicle area from the feeding passageway and allow Evan to lock his cows out of the cubicles or the feeding area – when he wishes to do so. The gates were sourced from O’Donovan Engineering.

Check out the video (below) to see Evan operating the gate inside his new dairy unit.

Speaking to AgriLand, Evan said: “I’m glad I went ahead and installed these particular gates. They allow me to manage my herd of cows more easily.

“I believe they are a much safer option compared to a standard gate, as a swinging gate takes a wider rotation than the up-and-over gate, which helps avoid cows getting caught or hit with the gate.

“In general, they are just a far easier gate to operate, especially if you are working in tight spaces,” Evan concluded.

How it works

The up-and-over gate is designed in a way that it flips upwards to completely move out of the way of livestock.

This prevents animals from injuring themselves. Each gate is made to suit and design around a particular opening in the shed.

It is light to use and perfectly balanced, so it will rotate slowly and in a controlled manner for added safety for the user.

This gate is useful in tight spaces, where you have no room for a swinging gate.

Like any other standard gate, it will close off and divide cubicle sheds. It is relatively easy to fit and the up-and-over gate can be bolted on to a wall or to a roll steeled joist.