Video: ‘Legend users have come back – looking for what’s available now’

AgriLand caught up with the man-on-the-ground for both Landini and McCormick here in Ireland.

John W Anderson spoke to Will Doyle (pictured above) at last month’s FTMTA Farm Machinery Show, where Will explained how Argo Tractors (the parent company behind the individual brand-names) is faring.

Will explained: “Landini and McCormick have been doing quite well since the new distribution arrangements [came into place] 18 months ago.

“I’ve come into a strong dealer network with a very good product. Our product historically – especially Landini – has been well regarded in the Irish market. We’re happy with our consistent market share.”

He noted that the high-horsepower X8 tractor – from McCormick – has been attracting a lot of attention in particular (including from the farming media), saying: “We got a lot of enquiries!”

‘Simple to drive on the inside’

He also said: “Our ‘Efficient’ [version of our] Landini gained a lot of interest. It’s got all the bells and whistles outside, but is a very simple tractor to drive on the inside.”

He says that a tractor with that particular specification would typically be a “fifth or sixth machine in a contractor’s yard” or suitable for “a guy with 100ac of corn, who doesn’t want electric spool valves and things like that”.

Turning his thoughts back to McCormick, Will said: “On that side, we’re gaining market share. I’m really happy with the market share there – especially in our X7 range.”

In contrast, he noted: “Landini has traditionally been a loader tractor; it’s doing well for us around 100-120hp.

The Landini heritage, as we know it in Ireland, is from the old 10000, the Blizzard [and so on]. The Legend was…well…a legendary tractor – very affordable at the time. 130hp was a massive tractor at that time, in that market – in the 1990s.

“What we’ve found is; Legend users have come back – looking for what’s available in a six-cylinder tractor now.”

Will went on to explain how it came to pass that Landini and McCormick are bed-fellows – under the collective wing of Italian-headquartered Argo Tractors. Don’t forget to watch the video to find out more!