Video: Knowing when your lambs are ready ‘to maximise profitability’

A video has been produced in which farmers are being urged to “know when their lambs are ready” at optimal weights to maximise profitability.

Members of Leitrim Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) produced the video in recent weeks to encourage sheep farmers to get the most out of their enterprises by weighing lambs regularly and properly.

Presented by IFA National Sheep Committee vice-chairman Kevin Comiskey, the Leitrim IFA sheep chairman stresses the importance of proper handling facilities.

Commenting, Comiskey said: “The sheep farming sector is one of the lowest income sectors in the country, so we want to point out a few things about weighing lambs.

“Sheep farmers produce a very high-quality lamb, so it is important to maximise the price achieved for the product.”

Comiskey also pointed out the importance of knowing the daily weight gain, noting that such knowledge will give farmers an indication as to when their lambs will reach the proper weight for slaughter.

Continuing, he added:

It is of vital importance that farmers familiarise themselves with the carcass weights required by the factories they are supplying and not let their lambs go overweight – as they don’t get paid for these [extra] kilos of meat, and cost them money.

Teagasc drystock adviser Cian Condon also spoke on the video, highlighting safety and welfare aspects of lamb handling, and the advantages of good handling set-ups.

This includes preventative action to avoid issues such as lameness, as well as more proactive approaches taken to regular weighing of lambs.

Further info can be seen in the video above.