Video: Could this farming-mad kid be the next country music sensation?

Fionn Molloy, is a farming-mad kid from Co. Offaly who has just added releasing a music video to his growing list of achievements.

The music video to accompany his debut single, “Hit the Combine”, has recently been released.

Taking inspiration from one of his favourite pieces of machinery, an old 1978 Fahr combine that’s still running perfectly on his family’s farm, Fionn put pen to paper earlier this year.

His mother, Sinead, spoke to AgriLand about the song after Fionn’s appearance on the Late Late Toy Show in 2016.

“We sat down one night and started writing this song; Fionn was helping me with the lyrics. We decided to call it ‘Hit the Combine’.

I got in contact with The Sheerans, who have played with Nathan Carter, and they asked me to send on what we had come up with to see if it was good enough to record.

The plan was to get the song recorded in the early part of this year, with the video being the final piece of the jigsaw.

Fionn was a big hit on last year’s Late Late Toy Show, where he performed a farming-inspired rap for Ryan Tubridy.

Following his appearance on the hit TV show, Fionn also made an appearance on The Today Show with Maura and Daithi, as well as travelling to the Tullamore Show and the National Ploughing Championships earlier that year.

He also got to make an appearance on the TV show Big Week on the Farm, which aired in 2016 on RTE One.