Video: Claas features ‘robotic bartender’ at SIMA 2019 exhibit

A well-known agricultural machinery manufacturer – Claas – certainly showcased its flare for innovation at the recent SIMA 2019 show in Paris, France.

Show attendees who visited the Claas stand were invited to sample a ‘beer with a twist’.

On arrival at the impressive exhibit, a stand supervisor activated a robotic arm which then got to work (albeit leaving life easy for the bartender).

Once activated, the robot selected a glass from a tray, picked it up and then placed it at a device to be sprayed with water.

It is understood the glass is sprayed with water to reduce friction when pouring the beer and to improve the consistency of the end product.

Next, the device took the glass to the beer tap where it poured the contents and – once full – topped it off.

Finally, the robotic arm took the serving and placed it neatly on the bar sitting on a tray.

Needless to say, the robotic arm attracted huge attention – with some onlookers making more than one return visit to sample its work.

The SIMA show is an exhibition for all types of farming and, according to its website, has established itself as a “major international event over the years”.

The show ran from Sunday, February 24, to Thursday, February 28.