The views of farmers are being sought in a vet student survey on the issue of cattle that receive acute injuries and how such situations are managed.

A survey on the topic is being carried out by vet student Paul McDermott, who is studying part-time for a Masters in Veterinary Medicine at University College Dublin (UCD).

McDermott has already worked for Mayo County Council as a veterinary inspector for 15 years and was in private practice for 25 years.

The survey is based around the management of acutely injured cattle on-farm in Ireland, where the injury is likely to compromise the animal’s ability to move or be moved.

McDermott designed the questionnaire with his UCD mentors Dr. Alison Hanlon, Dr. Flavia Santos and Dr. Aideen McKevitt.

The aim of the survey is to understand farmers’ experience and opinions of managing acutely injured cattle, particularly the methods that farmers employ in dealing with the situation when it arises.

Two similar questionnaires have also been designed for veterinary practitioners and veterinarians working in factories or abattoirs.

McDermott says that the data collected in the survey will be anonymised, and will be stored in compliance with UCD rules and regulations.

Views and opinions of cattle farmers in both the dairy and beef sectors are sought. The survey closes on May 21.

It takes about eight to 10 minutes to complete, and can be viewed here.