A vehicle towing a trailer was stopped by Gardai yesterday morning (Wednesday, March 13) for improper trailer safety features.

Taking place in Co. Cork, the 4X4 vehicle was halted by members of An Garda Siochana’s Fermoy Roads Policing Unit.

Upon inspection it was found that the trailer had an unsuitable home-made breakaway cable which was deemed to be unsafe by the Gardai present.

Taking to social media, An Garda Siochana’s southern region Facebook page posed images of the trailer coupling and a message warning road-users to ensure safety features are in working order.

Image source: Garda Siochana – Cork, Kerry and Limerick – Southern Region

“Fermoy Roads Policing stopped this vehicle early this morning. The driver used a makeshift breakaway cable made from electrical cable.

Where trailer brakes are fitted, they must be in working order – including a breakaway cable. If the trailer becomes detached, the cable will activate the trailer brakes and allow the vehicle and trailer to stop safely.

“The nylon rope used as a secondary coupling here would cancel out the cable,” the Gardai said.

The Garda representatives advised road-users to check up on safety basics on the Road Safety Authority (RSA) website.

RSA basics include drivers knowing driver licencing rules for drawing light trailers, trailer road traffic regulations and information on what individual vehicles are capable of towing.

Further information on trailer road safety can be found here.