Trailer combo of a different kind gets ‘bunkered’ by Gardaí

A trailer combination of a slightly unusual kind was halted by members of An Garda Síochána this week for a lack of licence among other offences, prompting a question over what qualifications are needed to pull such implements.

The unusual sight of a golf buggy driving on the hard shoulder of the N3 national road was observed by Gardaí on Wednesday last, April 17, towing a relatively large trailer.

Upon being stopped, the buggy was seized for a number of offences including: no insurance; being unregistered; and the driver not having a licence to drive the vehicle-trailer combination in question,

Taking to social media, An Garda Síochána noted: “DMR Roads Policing Unit Dublin Castle, got a ‘hole in one’ today when they seized this golf type buggy with trailer driving on the hard shoulder of the N3 outbound today.

“Vehicle seized for being unregistered, no insurance, driver had no licence to drive this combination.”

The tweet prompted questions from a member of the public as to what licence would be required for such a combination.

Image source: An Garda Síochána Twitter

“I’m going to buy an RTV and it’s a similar set-up. I thought I would be able to drive it on my W licence,” the social media user explained.

RSA rules

According to the Road Safety Authority (RSA), it is important to distinguish between a full driving licence and a learner permit, which have different entitlements.

A category B driving licence authorises you to drive a car, van or 4X4 which has a maximum mass (as specified by the manufacturer) of not more than 3,500kg and is designed and constructed to carry no more than eight passengers in addition to the driver.

You may tow a trailer with a maximum mass (again as specified by the manufacturer) not greater than 750kg or, where the maximum mass is more than 750kg, the combined maximum mass of the towing vehicle and the trailer is not greater than 3,500kg.

As a general rule, a category B licence does not entitle the holder to tow a horsebox or a livestock trailer because the combined maximum mass would exceed 3,500kg.

A category BE driving licence authorises you to tow a trailer where the combined maximum mass of the towing vehicle and trailer is greater than 3,500kg.

Meanwhile, licences required for quads and RTVs are compulsory but vary depending on weight for use on public roads. Mopeds and light quads require an AM category licence, while heavier quads need a standard B licence.

The holder of a category B learner permit may not tow any trailer – whatever the size.