Highest temperatures of 23° expected today

Afternoon temperatures are set to soar today, Good Friday, April 19, as the national forecaster has predicted highest temperatures will reach 23°.

According to Met Éireann, today will become warm in many areas with hazy sunshine across the country.

In southern and eastern coastal areas it will stay cooler and possibly misty with temperatures of 15° to 17°.

Winds will be light and southerly or variable in direction.

There will be good opportunities for spraying over the next few days as the breeze eases.

Tonight will be misty across the country with fog developing in many areas. Lowest temperatures will range from 6° to 9° with rather calm conditions.


Tomorrow, Saturday, will remain warm and dry in most areas with sunshine developing after the mist and fog clears.

It will stay cloudy in Connacht and west and north Ulster with some drizzle there along the coast.

Afternoon temperatures on Saturday will range from 15° in the northwest to between 17° and 22° elsewhere. Winds will be light and variable.


Finally, Sunday looks like it will be dry in many areas, according to the national forecaster.

The overnight mist and fog will burn off and spells of hazy sunshine will develop, especially in the midlands and east.

However, thickening cloud may bring some scattered rain to south-western, western and north-western coastal fringes during the evening, or more likely, overnight.

Highest temperatures are expected to lie between 15° and 20° in the midlands and east of the country.

Winds will be moderate and southerly and will freshen along the west coast later on Sunday evening.