Tractor and trailer seized in Kilkenny ‘with prosecutions to follow’

A tractor and trailer were seized by members of An Garda Síochána in Co. Kilkenny this week for a number of issues, with Gardaí warning that “prosecutions are to follow”.

The tractor and trailer were brought to a halt by Kilkenny-based Gardaí on the Tullaroan Road, which travels not far from the county border with Tipperary border.

In a short post about the incident on social media yesterday evening (Tuesday, January 26), local Gardaí said:

“Kilkenny Roads Policing Unit stopped this dumper trailer being towed by a tractor on the Tullaroan Road today.

Image source: Garda Síochána Kilkenny Carlow

“As can be seen from the pictures the tube was exposed through the tyre.

On another note, Gardaí highlighted: “The tractor hadn’t been taxed since 2017.

Both tractor and trailer were seized and prosecutions are to follow.

“Please ensure your vehicle is roadworthy,” the Garda post ends.

Trailer Safety

According to the Road Safety Authority (RSA), if you’re towing a trailer, it is your responsibility as the driver to ensure that both the towing vehicle and trailer are safe and mechanically sound, fit for purpose and legally compliant with all relevant Road Traffic legislation, i.e. tyres have adequate tread depth and are free from defects, lights and brakes are working and the hitch is in good condition.

Tyres showing any serious signs of wear should be investigated by a qualified tyre specialist, such as a tyre dealer, as soon as possible – to assess the tyres’ suitability for continued use, the RSA adds.

Meanwhile, the RSA also warns that tyres more than 10 years old – including spare tyres – should be replaced. This rule should be adhered to even if the tyres appear okay and have not yet dropped below the legal tread threshold of 1.6mm.