Finnegan’s Farm will be taking over our Instagram and Facebook accounts tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7, in yet another Agriland Takeover.

Finnegan’s Farm is a fifth generation family-run farm operating over 3,000ac, primarily in the Royal County, but stretching out into wider Leinster.

2,100ac are dedicated to tillage, 400ac to grass, 500ac to potatoes and 50ac to sprouts.

There are also 148 cows in-calf on the farm, 72 weanling heifers, 70 weanling bulls, five stockbulls and five cull cows.

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In the coming weeks, from December 15, the farm aim to pack 500-600t of fresh potatoes and 110t of sprouts to be ready for Christmas Day dinners.

In the same time frame, the kitchen will pack roughly 200,000 trays of chilled products, to be sold as convenience-orientated meals across supermarkets nationwide.

The crew at Finnegan’s Farm are not strangers to the camera; the farm’s YouTube channel sees new videos go out regularly.

The most popular video, titled ‘SUN, SILAGE, SNAPCHAT AND……OH BOLL***S‘ documented a member of the team driving a harvester for the first time, and has clocked up over 40,000 views.

Finnegan's Farm machinery

Curious to get a peek at this operation?

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