The seventh edition of Alltech’s Global Dairy & Beef event is returning to Europe from August 30 to September 2 in Normandy, France.

The event is held annually and brings together some of the most progressive dairy and beef producers from around the world to enable them to network, share experiences and discuss plans for the year ahead, according to Alltech.

Normandy is at the heart of the French ruminant industry and is home to more than 580,000 dairy cows on 12,500 dairy farms and more than a quarter of a million beef cattle residing on 5,800 beef farms.

The theme to this year’s Global Dairy & Beef is ‘What If?’ which follows on from the Alltech Symposium held in Lexington, Kentucky this month. Some of the key questions that will be posed include:

  • What if you could gain key insights into the evolved global dairy and beef landscapes?
  • What if you could successfully shape your business to meet the needs of the predicted 2.4 billion extra people in the world by 2050?
  • What if you could predict the future following the abolition of the EU milk quota or respond to the changing consumer trends in beef?

At the forefront of the agenda is how to farm an Efficient, Profitable and Sustainable (EPS) future. Alltech will examine the current industry and look at future trends, specifically addressing how farmers and producers can stay ahead of the curve.

In addition, tours will take attendees on a journey to some of France’s most unique farms in the Normandy region.

“This is a crucial time for dairy and beef farmers as markets evolve and encounter seismic shifts. Alltech Global Dairy & Beef 2014 will provide farmers with a unique insight on the future of dairy and beef trends, allowing them to capitalise on new market opportunities.” said Pearse Lyons, President and founder of Alltech.